Frequently Asked Questions

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How old should a child be before getting their first fish tank?

With supervision a child can have a fish tank at any age – they can learn how to keep it and many children have a tank and manage it themselves from approx 8 years. 

How often do you need to clean a tank?

Weekly – by removing 10% of the water and replacing with fresh clean water. 

Do I need special water in my marine tank?

Yes – this can be purchased from Central Aquatics 

What do I feed Marine Fish?

Range of products from frozen, live and dry foods – if you need advise just ask and we can recommend the best option for you 

What do I feed Tropical Fish?

Range of products from frozen, live and dry foods – if you need advise just ask and we can recommend the best option for you 

How do you transport a fish tank?

Please see this PDF.

Will you assist in setting up my Aquarium?

Yes – if it is a small Aquarium we can help set up in the shop.  On larger Aquariums  we can offer custom installation 

Are my fish guaranteed when I buy them?

Yes there is a 24 hour guarantee on all fish – Ts&C’s apply but just ask for details 

How do I know if my fish is ill/sick?

There are a number of illnesses that can affect fish – give us a ring and we will discuss individual cases – keep an eye on our blog page for the most common illnesses

My fish has had babies – will the mother eat them?

Possibly – it isn’t common for the mother to eat them but other fish will and it does depend on the fish 

Do my fish need quarantining?

We recommend that all fish are quarantined – whilst we take all necessary procedures to ensure the health and well being of your fish – we recommend that you quarantine to ensure you are doing the same. 

Can I put fish in my fish tank as soon as I have taken it home?

It is not recommenced – and we do advise quarantining 

I want to have coral in my tank – does it need any special care?

Yes – coral requires a specific light frequency and stable sea/salt water conditions.

Can you overfeed fish?

Yes – we offer the best food which has feeding guidelines

Does my tank require a heater?

If you wish to keep tropical or marine fish then a heater is required. 

Does my tank require a pump?

Not always – it would depend on the type of system you have – speak to our experts to see what’s required. 

Does my tank require a filter?

Yes – we recommend all tanks have filters to offer the gold standard for fish welfare

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Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare is at the heart of everything we do. We will only sell the best quality of livestock that have gone through our rigorous checks. We are a member of OATA

Care Advice

The health and wellbeing of any livestock we buy and supply is the number one priority to us. Our experts are happy to answer any of your questions or visit our FAQ

Love of the Hobby

We love the hobby just as much as you do and can source any fish including the unusual and we are here for all your needs.

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