Innovative Marine CustomCradle Universal Probe Holder – Nano

Innovative Marine CustomCradle Universal Probe Holder - Nano

A magnetically mounted, multifunction probe holder that organizes your devices in the most simple and efficient way possible. Other probes racks can lead to an unorganized disaster. When it’s time to change, clean or calibrate, you’re left with everything in disarray! The Custom Cradle gives you a clutter-free solution to all these problems! Eliminate thumb screws with the CustomCradle’s magnetic catch system. The laser cut ATO and dosing holes, allow you to insert both with ease! Its low profile allows you to place it just about anywhere in your tank including the small spaces! Preinstalled foam pads cradle your probes ensuring a tight fit. This combination gives you 3 points of contact and keeps your probes from accidentally falling into your aquarium.


  • Fully Encapsulated Magnet Mount
  • Magnetic Strength: 8mm (Nano)
  • Magnetic Catch
  • No Thumb Screws
  • Padded Probe Holders: 3 (Nano)
  • Compatible with All Current Probes on the Market (including APEX Temperature Probe)
  • Dedicated Dosing Tube Holder: 2 (Nano)
  • Black Cell Cast Acrylic Construction
  • Dims: (Nano) 3.5″ x 1.75″ x 1.25″

Safety Warning!!! Read Before Use! This equipment includes one or more extremely powerful magnets. It is extremely dangerous to bring a magnet near a person who has a pacemaker or near any electrical medical device. Do not swallow magnets. If swallowed, immediately consult a doctor. Keep magnets out of children’s reach. To avoid serious pinch-type injuries caused by objects attracted to the magnet, please keep all steel and iron objects well away from the AUQA Gadget’s Magnet. Please do not allow hands and fingers and other body parts to be caught between the equipment. The strong magnetic fields of neodymium magnets can damage items such as televisions, computer monitors, credit cards, watches, hearing aids, speakers and home video eqiupment. Under no circumstances should you try to cut, saw or drill the Neodymium magnets.



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