Eheim Professional 3 1200XLT – 2180

Eheim Professional 3 1200XLT - 2180

The Professional 3 2180 The large volume, easy to use professional 3 filter now comes in a version with an integrated 500w heating system. Heating and filtration for larger aquariums all in one. A large LCD dispaly shows the exact water temperature.

Summary of Features:-

  • A new priming principle.
  • A large pre-filter for easy intermediate cleaning and extra long service life.
  • Triple hose connection (2 inlet side and 1 pressure side).
  • Recessed handles and transport wheels.
  • Maintenance and flow rate indicator.
  • Adjustable pump output.
  • Integrated 500w heating system.
  • Large LCD display.

Technical Specifications:-

  • For Tank litre: 1200 ltr
  • Pump Output: 1700 ltr
  • Canister Volume: 25 ltr
  • Delivery Head: 2.8m
  • Heating Power: 500w
  • Canister Volume: 25l
  • Filter Volume: 12 ltr + 1.5 (pre-filter)
  • Power Consumption: 45 w

Media included:

  • Coarse filter pad x 1. Large pore sponge giving bio-mechanical filtration and even water flow-through.
  • Fine filtration x 1. Before the water re-enters your aquarium fine dirt particles are trapped in the fine filter pad
  • Suitable for Professional 3 2080 filter




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