Deltec NFP509 Nitrate Filter

Deltec NFP509 Nitrate Filter

The NEW NFP range of reactors have been developed to overcome the usual problems associated with such equipment to reduce the maintenance and to increase the efficiency of the system. The NFP units can be pressurised so that they can even be used in a cabinet on a tank without a sump. The filter includes 500ml of Nitrate Fluid plus a single Nitrate Bag and injection syringe. For systems of 200 – 1000 Lt (45-220G). Capacity: Normal Stocking: 250g
Heavy Stocking:  50g Pump: AquaBee 500 Total Power Usage: 11 watts Max Flow Rate/hr: 0.26gph Media Volume: 0.5 gallons Daily Food Volume: 8ml Dimensions: Length: 7 ”
Width: 5.5″
Height: 19.5″ The Deltec Nitrate Filter is a useful addition to the Deltec aerobic sprinkler filter or other high performance aerobic filter systems. Feeding of fish (and inverts) can lead to unwanted levels of nitrate in the marine aquarium. Very high levels of nitrate can be detrimental to the health and well being of the aquarium inhabitants.   The Deltec Nitrate Filter system removes not only nitrate on a fully biological level but also produces important trace elements through a reduction process. Small quantities of phosphate are also removed under certain conditions, however Rowaphos should still be used in conjunction with the product.   This process is made possible by bacteria under anaerobic conditions with the aid of the special liquid nutrient. the nutrient is added slowly to the filter by using a peristaltic pump.



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